LuxDev and other partners operating under the Ministry's mandate

The Luxembourg agency for development cooperation Lux-Dev is the executive agency for most of Luxembourg's bilateral development cooperation projects.

However, other partners also operate under the ministry's mandate:

  • ADA possesses a general mandate for the period 2018-2021 for activities promoting financial inclusion;
  • Caritas in Kosovo;
  • Proman for rural development in Mali; 
  • SOS Faim for rural microfinance projects in Mali and Burkina Faso.

List of agents :


The Luxembourg agency for development cooperation Lux-Dev works in 14 countries throughout four continents. The bulk of these activities is concentrated on the nine Luxembourg development cooperation partner countries, defined by the Government of the Grand Duchy. Apart from Africa (Burkina Faso, Cabo Verde, Mali, Niger and Senegal) these countries are Nicaragua and El Salvador in Latin America and Laos and Vietnam in South-east Asia.

For each of these partner countries, an Indicative Cooperation Programme (ICP) is adopted by the Luxembourg and partner country governments. The ICP is a multiannual programme which sets the broad outlines of the cooperation (sectors, geographical areas, intervention methods) and the indicative multiannual budget allocated to the programme. It expresses the long-term commitment between Luxembourg's development cooperation and these countries. In each partner country, the Agency is represented by a regional office which shares its premises with Luxembourg's official diplomatic missions.

In addition to the partner countries, Luxembourg's Directorate of Development Cooperation maintains relations with other countries in south-eastern Europe (Montenegro and Kosovo) and in Asia (Mongolia and Myanmar).

Appui au développement autonome - ADA

Luxembourg's Directorate for development cooperation has supported the work of NGO ADA-Appui au Développement Autonome since it was founded in 1993, through cofinancings, various subsidies or mandates. The most recent mandate, signed in January 2018, covers the period 2018 to 2021.

The overall objective of the MFEA funded programme is to experiment, develop, implement and disseminate solutions for economic and financial inclusion having positive impacts on sustainable development and on the living conditions of the populations in the least developed countries. ADA's work focuses on women, poor populations, and on rural areas.

The mandate arises from the longstanding collaboration between the ministry and the NGO and concerns seven result areas. ADA, in partnership with the MFEA, aims at ensuring that, by 2021:

  • MFIs supported by ADA have developed and diversified their service offerings and strengthened the capacities of existing and potential clients.
  • Governance and management of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) supported by ADA are professionalized.
  • MFI access to finance is facilitated.
  • The professional associations and networks supported by ADA have strengthened their capacities and are successful partners in project implementation.
  • The conditions for developing financial inclusion in the countries where ADA operates are improved.
  • The MFEA and the Luxembourg development actors receive support and advice in inclusive finance provided by ADA.
  • Knowledge on financial inclusion produced by ADA is disseminated.

For the period 2017-2019, the Luxembourg Directorate for Development Cooperation has mandated the NGO Caritas Luxembourg, which has been active in the Balkans far more than a decade, to implement its anti-poverty strategy in Kosovo. This strategy is structured around two main intervention planks: (i) income generating activities and  (ii) education , supplemented by two cross-cutting topics: gender and the environment. Implementation is handled by the Caritas office in Ferizaj (Kosovo) via a community development approach. The current strategy is largely consistent with previous mandates, whilst also foreseeing an exit strategy for Caritas Luxembourg and putting emphasis on strengthening the capacities of the Foundation Kosovo-Luxembourg (FKL), which is set to continue supporting various activities at the end of the current mandate.


Since the 90s the Luxembourg Directorate for Development Cooperation has supported integrated local development in the North of Mali under an executive mandate delegated to the Luxembourg company Proman. This partnership has proved especially beneficial and, over the years, the "sustainable development in the Kidal region – DDRK" programme has become the region's main development vehicle. The DDRK mandate's objective is to improve household living conditions by means of access to high-quality social services and economic opportunities to increase income.

To cope with the political crisis in Mali, the DDRK programme's objective has been refocused to support populations displaced from the northern regions, and more specifically schoolchildren displaced from Kidal, who have gathered in Koulikoro, Bamako, Ségou and Sikasso. The displaced schoolchildren receive material and educational support, enabling them to learn and perform better at school. Furthermore, the host schools and local authorities receive support to contain the negative effects of the conflict on the education and training sector.

SOS Faim

The Agri + project, also known as Innovative Financing Facility for Family Farming, aims to transform and modernise family farms in targeted areas in Mali and Burkina Faso.

SOS Faim's approach is to facilitate access to medium- and long-term financing for family farms and farmers' organizations. The Agri + project supports a specific training program on agricultural financing for producer organizations. It provides a guarantee fund for local banks and microfinance institutions, as well as credit lines to offer financing products tailored to the needs of beneficiaries.

The project is integrated in the PICs in Mali and Burkina Faso, and aligns with their focus areas, in order to improve the coherence of the different interventions financed by Luxembourg.

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