Luxembourg's development cooperation in Mongolia

Mongolia and Luxembourg have maintained diplomatic relations since 11 July 1976 and development cooperation began with a project in the health sector in January 2001.

Spending on Mongolia, which was almost 360,000 euro in 2006, has increased markedly, reaching almost 2.5 million euro in 2015.

From the outset cooperation between Luxembourg and Mongolia has concentrated on the health sector. More specifically, cooperation is focused on telemedicine and cardiology, subsequently expanding to include cardiac surgery. Since 2012, telemedicine has also been extended to include maternal and infantile health and to preventing HIV/AIDS in cooperation with a UN agency. 

In addition to health, since 2001, Luxembourg's cooperation programme has also been involved in the financial sector, setting up training courses/seminars for young people in the banking sector, organised by the House of Training in Mongolia and Luxembourg. Moreover, until 2016, cooperation focused on capacity-building and training courses of particular benefit to the staff of the Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia (FRC), but also to the institution as a whole and to Mongolian capital markets. Since then, the FRC has have been incorporated into the training general courses/seminars for young people in the banking sector.

Multilateral cooperation is also concentrated on the social sectors and has supported several projects including the UN "Disaster Risk Reduction" programme. 

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