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Statement by the Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs on development cooperation policy to the Chamber of Deputies

In accordance with article 6 of the amended law of 6 January 1996 on development cooperation, the Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs submits an annual report to the Chamber of Deputies on the operation and activities of the Development Cooperation Fund. In his statement on development cooperation and humanitarian action policy, the Minister presents the activities in this field, including the main types of sectoral intervention and the countries to which the Luxembourg Development Cooperation is committed.  This statement provides an opportunity to take stock of the achievements of the past year and to give a perspective on future commitments. In order to provide an overview of the Government's development cooperation activities, the report also mentions the actions of the Interministerial Committee for Development Cooperation (ICDC).

Statement on development cooperation policy in 2022

Please find the Statement on Development Cooperation Policy by the Minister for Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs under the following links:

  • In written form : Statement by Minister Franz Fayot on development cooperation policy on 15 November 2022 (in Luxembourgish and French)
  • In video form: Replay of the statement on development cooperation policy by Minister Fayot 2022


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