Partner countries

Partner countries of Luxembourg’s Development Cooperation

Luxembourg’s Development Cooperation has signed several Indicative Cooperation Programmes (ICPs) with 3 countries, known as "partner countries".

These countries are: Cabo VerdeSenegal and Laos.

An ICP is a multi-annual bilateral cooperation programme focusing on priority sectors such as education, health and local development.

The ICP’s of Luxembourg’s Development Cooperation are implemented in accordance with the principles of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation, as defined in Busan in 2011, i.e:

  • use of national systems
  • taxation and mobilisation of internal resources
  • triangular cooperation and South/South cooperation
  • cooperation with the private sector in partner countries
  • cooperation with civil society in partner countries

Criteria for identifying priority partner countries.

The selection of our partner countries is based on precise criteria:

  • Alignment with the general objectives of Luxembourg’s foreign and development cooperation policy
  • Prioritisation of Least developed countries (LDCs)
  • Support of non-LDC partner countries
  • Existence of long-term partnerships and trust

Areas of intervention

Luxembourg’s Development Cooperation is firmly committed to the eradication of extreme poverty. Its interventions take into account the specific social, economic and environmental characteristics of the target populations. The main focus lies on the following areas:

  • Access to water and sanitation
  • Education
  • Training and professional integration
  • Health and local development

These activities are complemented by projects in the field of inclusive finance. It should be noted that all activities of Luxembourg's Development Cooperation also take into account the integration of cross-cutting priorities, namely respect for human rights, gender equality and environmental sustainability.

Partnership Commissions

The monitoring and implementation of an ICP are subject to an annual review and programming. This assessment is generally carried out during the Partnership Commission, an annual meeting between representatives of Luxembourg's Development Cooperation and the counterpart of the partner country concerned.

The partner countries of Luxembourg’s Development Cooperation

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